Happy Feet Swing Dance Club

Before there was Hip Hop and B-Boys there was Lindy Hop and Hep Cats. Since it’s revival in the 90’s swing dancing has spread all over the world and ticks all the boxes! More addictive than heroin and better for you than a shot of wheatgrass. You can expect an evening of driving rhythms in a vintage rave atmosphere, a workout more akin to a visit to the gym, more therapeutic than prayer and all with more new friends than the day you joined Facebook. Like the amazing jazz music it’s danced to, it’s all about expressing your individuality through improvisation and having the craic. A drop in beginners class followed by social dancing and great people all of whom are in the best form they’ve been in all week. So if you’re in Dublin, kilkenny or Waterford catch our weekly edition of “Happy Feet Swing Dance Club” You can find out the where’s and when’s and what whatever else is happening in the swing scenes of Ireland at the events calendar www.swingtribe.us/events-calendar

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