Happy Feet Swing Dance Club falls victim to Covid 19

Im sure everyone is aware that Swing dancing is postponed eveerywhere during the lockdown and its hard to know when it will be back. Happy Feet has been Dublindy’s weekly swing night ever since i took the helm many years ago. It has always been characterized by a focus on fun and accessible drop in classes and social dancing, but events that are open to the public will probably be the last to come back. I expect that we will all be running progressive courses before we are hosting social dancing when the new normal arrives. In that way we can keep an accurate record of who is at an event and those people will not change each week and contact tracing can be maintained.

I look forward to dancing with you all again and i will be inform you all when Happy Feet returns. In the meantime please join the website or add yourself to the newsletter so we can keep you updated.

Dublindy will be running progressive courses before drop in classes so if you are interested in enrolling in the next course you can provisionally book your place here.

Also check out SwingTribe.us for ideas about practicing at home.

Thanking you

RoryV Dances


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